New Job

So I haven’t been posting much because I started working and I don’t get home until 12:ooam sometimes 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning depending on how busy it is and how many trucks are there picking up orders and at times it gets so busy that I won’t be leaving until 6:00am when 1st shift is coming in if that’s on a weekday then I would have to go home get a little bit of sleep and then get back there by 2:30pm. When they hired me the training videos were at the Sharon, Mass location and hopefully this Monday they’ll be at the Raynham, Mass location so I can do other things at the job when I’ve finished scanning then I can help when it get’s busy to lighten the load on everyone else. I’m currently looking for a ride to and from the work for the week of May 26th to June 3rd because a friend of mine is taking a week off to go to Maine and at the moment he’s my only way in I have signed up for Uber so I can use the service to get there if need be, but I want to be able to get there on time without being late. I have asked family if they could help me get to and from work, but they said “No” which is fucked up as family is supposed to look out for you. The really messed up thing is they were all complaining on how I should get a job and to “stop being lazy”  and now that I finally do have a job no one can help me, but I have noticed growing up that whenever my older brother needs something the family will bend over backwards to help him out. I even asked him if he could take a week off of work and I would pay him $130 to do so for the week well it’s six days because I don’t work on Memorial Day or any holidays for that matter and they’re paid as well, but right now I won’t get paid holidays until I have worked there for 90 days. I have come to terms with the fact that most of my family doesn’t give a shit about me so I have made the decision to not help them when they need it because they never help me and when they do help me they want me to pay them back for it. If you in the Brockton, Massachusetts area and would like to give me a ride to and from work for six days I will give you a $130 for doing so. If interested email me using the form below it will go to my email if I like you then I will pay you at the end of the six days. I would need a ride home for May 25th as my friend is leaving at 11 0’clock and then on May 26th to June 3rd it will be to get me there and back home and because I Memorial Day off you would too. I would also pay for gas for during the week. Serous inquires only needs to be done now so I can get to know you.


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