As I have posted before I started working and it’s been three months and I don’t think I like the company I work for and part of me wants to quit while another part of me just wants to ignore the aspects of the company that I hate and stick with, but I don’t know if I can ignore them because while the company wants productive workers they don’t have enough equipment for the workers to be productive at what we were each hired to do and they don’t like people doing nothing, but that can’t be helped because there isn’t enough equipment to even go around two shifts. The equipment they do have is okay, but some of it is in need of repairs and the person who they hired to fix things in my opinion doesn’t do a good job personally I think it’s because the machines they have aren’t being made anymore and they haven’t gotten around to ordering new machines. Which they’re looking for help, but I can’t see why when there is hardly any equipment for the workers they have now I don’t like have to stop someone from working to take their scan gun so I can scan an aisle it’s counter productive and just dumb.


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