Southwest Of Salem- Review/Rant

I just watched the documentary Southwest of Salem and it’s was really well researched and makes you think about the state of the US Criminal Justice System in the United States. It got into what was called at the time the “Satanic Panic” which was a time when a lot people though that child sexual abuse was connected to Satan worship which wasn’t true, because most of it was teenagers spray painting “666”. “Hail Satan”, and other stuff plus a lot of teenagers were into the goth culture at the time. Most of the blame was placed on the LGBT community mostly because the US was more conservative than it is now believe it or not. I was 7 or 8 years old in ’94 at the time and I wasn’t out yet, but I was struggling with my sexuality at the time and what I saw on the news wasn’t making it any easier for me as a young kid struggling with my sexuality. I remember the news reports at the time every time something came up as every trial was “big news” and talked about by every news agency in the country which made every “defendant” in the cases look like a horrible people to the public which even if they do get out they will have to register as a Sex Offender for life which will effect every aspect of their lives making it harder for them to find jobs or apartments. The Sex Offender registry is flawed as there are so many place where anyone on it can’t live with some of them places overlapping which means most sex offenders on it live on the street which makes the system not able to do what it’s supposed to do which is to track where Sex Offenders are living in a city or town. The satanic panic has made the criminal justice system in the US one of the worst in the world it’s a lot of better than most, but that’s still not good for a country that calls itself the “land of the free”. The fact that homophobic people used the US Justice System to falsely imprison people because of their lifestyle is wrong. I know not everyone has to agree with anyone else’s lifestyle, but equality is a two-way street because if one group can live one way then another group can live anyway they see fit. The fact that there are people in the US Justice System that would use it to their advantage are wrong for doing so. There were a lot of bad things that came out of the Satanic Panic, but there was some good to come from it and that would be the way child victims and suspects are interviewed by police across the country. There is still improvement that needs to be made to the criminal justice system here in the United States and while I would like to see all of the cases that happened during the Satanic Panic to be looked at and the people given a retrial if they’re still in prison or to be cleared of charges if they’re not in prison if it turns out that they were innocent from the beginning as well as being taken off the Sex Offender Registry which also needs to be reformed so as it works as it was intended to from the beginning. I know this turned into a rant about the failing of the US Criminal Justice System and how easy it can be manipulated by people within it who have bias against one group or another that they don’t agree with then there are people who will say that there is no bias in the justice system and that it’s only a few cases, but that doesn’t mean shit when the justice system should treat everyone the same. People who commit crimes are innocent until proven guilty or so we thought. Which is one of the reasons why BLM is so important now I don’t agree with how they’re running their organization, but I understand being a minority in the United States because the mainstream media puts out this image of what minorities do or how they act and many minorities embrace the stereotypes that people see on TV and in the news. There is no other race that is more stereotyped than minorities are in the US. The worst thing to come from the Satanic Panic is that homosexuals are pedophiles and are a danger to children I’ve heard stories of homosexuals who have had parents pull their child closer to them or pull them from a program that is being watched over by someone who is LGBT because they’re scared that just because they’re LGBT that they are going to molest children to turn them into homosexuals which just isn’t true. The documentary overall was really well researched and pointed out a lot of what was wrong with the Criminal Justice System at the time and in many respects still is wrong with the system in some states across the country the fact that justice varies across state lines and depending on how much money you have isn’t right at all. I recommend everyone watch this and spread it around so it goes viral so more people become aware of how the Justice System is failing in some states across the country.


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