Female to Male Transgender Representation

I’ve been thinking about Transgender individuals and what comes to mind is that when there are news reports about children who are transgender it always seems to be male to female as I have hardly ever heard of female to male children being bullied or getting the chance to talk about their transition in any way. We have shows like “I Am Jazz” on TLC which even in the transgender support group she joins it seems there are only male to females there like there aren’t girls who look in the mirror and say that something is wrong and that they were born in the wrong body. The fact that we have selective objection to only seeing male to female trans people we are subsequently shutting out a large part of the transgender community as a result. We should be showcasing it so transboys and transgirls can see that there are others out there like them who are going through what they’re going through. I have seen documentaries do the same thing, but less than with what goes on mainstream TV and news media; are there outlets out there that do showcase transgender individuals that are female to male of course there are, but they’re few and far between compared to the coverage that male to female transgender youth get. I would do it myself, but I don’t know any transgender female to male youth in my area most of the people I know are out of state or I only know them on because I follow them on Instagram and that’s not on a personal level at all it’s just I admire that they are doing something that I couldn’t do when I was there age because I cared about what people would think about me. If I did film my own series about someone who was female to male and was transitioning I would do it on my Vimeo account.


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