When Milo is right…He’s right.

I never thought I would agree with Milo Yiannopoulos, but he’s right when he says the left is trying to limit free speech. I have always seen free speech as covering all speech no matter how “bad” it is or how offensive it is, the point is that no matter what opinion someone has the fact of the matter is that you have to respect all views and sides of an opinion. The left is on it’s way backwards because they will say things that aren’t always backed up by facts and they don’t care about the people who don’t see things their way as they want people to be politically correct all the time. America and the world don’t need the “Thought Police” in order to come to a point in the world where people can say and do what makes them happy as long as they don’t hurt anyone else or take their stuff then nothing should happen to them at all. When free speech is limited then it ceases to exist and there is no free speech at all the 1st amendment protects all speech not just speech that makes people “happy”. The left has gone so far left that they’re going right, there is a saying that I think fits what the left is and that is “The path to Hell is paved with good intentions” and it fits as the left is doing good, but they’re only listening to one side of each issue that they support when a true Progressive listens to all sides of an issue and comes up with a compromise that works for all sides of an issue not just one side. The isn’t what is was in the 90’s when I was growing up which after 2008 in the first election that I voted in I voted for President Obama because he wanted to make the system fairer for African Americans and when he got into office he flipped and did the complete opposite of what promised he was going to do, so then in 2012 I voted for Gary Johnson and I will again tomorrow be voting for Gary Johnson and if that leads to Donald Trump becoming President then so be at least then we will be a country where people can really enjoy having the right of Free Speech. This election is the chance to show the world what freedom looks like.


7 thoughts on “When Milo is right…He’s right.

  1. I completely respect your opinion, but I think both parties have been guilty of this, and in my humble opinion Trump, more so. This is a man who has promised to enact new restrictions on the 1st amendment. And then there’s his pledge to sign the anti-LGBTQ First Amendment Defense Act. There are so many other reasons why I’m voting for Hillary, some of which have nothing to do with Trump, but more with her decades old efforts towards helping families, children and education. But in the end, it’s mainly because I firmly believe that a Trump presidency will further tear apart and endanger this country, as well as having a far reaching and dangerous impact on the rest of the world.

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