Trans Youth Shouldn’t transition

As the title says I don’t think transgender children should be allowed to transition as most children don’t know what they want at a young age. I read all the articles about parents letting their young children transition and go on hormone blockers as well as start HRT. I think parent should allow their to live as the sex they say they are and see if it continues or if they stop and want to be a boy/girl again which means treating as a phase to see if they grow out of it, but don’t outright call it a phase and if it turns out that they haven’t grown out of it then they should seek professional help from a certified psychiatrist, but still don’t allow them to go on hormone blockers or HRT as it will make it so they will never be able to have children of their own naturally and really mess up their body internally forever. The fact that I have to write this is saying something as this generation of children want to be famous and some of them will do anything to get famous.


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