Gender is a Spectrum, but not in the way you think..

When it comes to gender and sex which I believe they are two different things. With sex being whats between someone’s legs and gender being how they see themselves. The gender spectrum to me is between masculine and feminine. The way I see it is that there can be males who are wholly masculine and females who are wholly feminine there are also those who are somewhere in between and that’s perfectly normal. There are not “27 genders” there are only three which are male, female, and intersex(hermaphrodite). That last one is real and recognized by the medical community though it’s not used as much and when a child is born with ambiguous genitals then doctors decide which genitals a child should get based on if what they were born looks more like a penis or more like a vagina and then tell the mother or parents that they believe that what the baby has look more like a penis or vagina and have the mother or parents choose to have a “corrective surgery” to fix the child’s genitals so they have a one or the other which if you look up stories about people born with ambiguous genitals most of them end up having to transition over to the other sex. This has mostly stopped, but what we have now a days is teens mostly upper middle class white teens saying they are “bigender, trigender, etc..” and setting back the transgender movement for identities for which there are a lot of them and more are being thought of everyday. In my opinion there are only three sexes and gender is from masculine to feminine not male to female as so many people think it is because you can have a feminine male or a masculine female, but they are still either male or female. When it come to transgender people that’s different and is personal to the person who is trans no one else knows what they’re going through. The fact that there are people that want to generalize transgender people into having one singular transition process that’s the same for everyone isn’t helping transpeople.


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