The Plight of the LGBTQ Conservative

From what I’ve seen of the LGBTQ Community is that many of them look down on anyone who is a conservative and also LGBTQ as if they’re betraying the LGBTQ Community by doing so. The point being is that instead of worrying about someone being a conservative or liberal what needs to happen is that the LGBTQ Community needs to be very open to new ideas and some times conservative ideas are better than liberal ones. From what I experienced is that conservative ideas are grounded in if it does good while liberal ideas are focused on if it makes someone or a group feel good. If we run a society that is based on feelings and not on facts then we will be going nowhere fast. The main purpose of this post is to get the LGBTQ Community thinking about if the ideas we put forward and the people we prop up are grounded in reality, because as of right now from what I’ve seen is that we prop up people whose ideas are well “out there” and not realistic or are just trying to “be cool” because with the mainstream media and the reports on transgender children I believe that there may be parents out there that will say their young child is transgender just because their 3 year old son/daughter says they’re a girl/boy instead of seeking out professional help to make sure that they weren’t just saying that they’re a girl/boy just to be saying it. I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for my views, but that’s the reason for this post to point out the hypocrisy within the LGBTQ and Liberal Communities where they’re asking people to be accepting of others, but they’re not accepting of people who hold different opinions from their own. If we want to broaden own minds and our views of the world then we have to be open to hearing opinions other than our own if I blocked people who hold different view then mine then I would be cutting off potential knowledge that could broaden my views. So when it comes down to it you don’t have to agree with everything that someone says as long as you can take what they say and apply your views to it. That doesn’t mean to take someone’s views and pervert them.


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