The Problem with the black Community

The video above states good points about the major problems within the Black Community. The major problem I think is the fact that black fathers aren’t involved in their children’s life and leave the mother then you have the crimes committed by blacks against blacks, but the left wants you to think that the major problem is that racism still exists in the United States when it’s not as present as they want you to think. If the black community really wanted to deal with the problems in the black community then why can’t we talk about it and deal with it to come up with solutions to the problems instead of just blaming others because they don’t have something or can’t get something it’s always someone else’s fault and never theirs. It comes down to personally responsibly and how a black person carries themselves around police as a black male I have seen other black males being the aggressor whenever police approach them even if it’s for the smallest reasons or the cop is just telling them to get on the sidewalk or to quite down some if they’re being too loud in public. The fact is that liberals what to make people think that all of the problems in the black community is caused by white people and the racist laws that they have passed.


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