First days in College/Blog update

I started taking college classes to start a training to work in the Respiratory Care field in medicine. I have always liked the medical field and I because most of my family always asked me about medical questions which by chance I get right. So I figured that I might as well get into medicine and make it a career so that I can provide my children when I have some in the future a better life than I had. I’m also taking a speech class whereas I do want to get into politics I think it would help in making sure people can understand me clearly when I talk and not worry about my accent which is a Boston one. Which would make it hard for people to understand me when I say curtain words like Car which comes out as Kah at times. The days were great and I’m still waiting on financial aid to come through as well as my taxes which would help in paying for college. I’m hoping that I don’t have to pay out of pocket at all which would be good for me as I don’t have much money, but if I do have to pay for some of it out of pocket then I would have to find a part time job to help with paying for college. I also ordered a microphone so I can start making audio post on this blog using the Blog Talk Radio service as it would make it easier for me to go into detail. I don’t just want to type up all of my posts I also want to do audio and video. I’m also going to make this blog have multiple authors who all have different points of view on the subjects this blog is about. Doing this will show people that everyone’s opinion has worth and value. I want to make this blog a place where people can read different views and debate them in a respectful way. It’s only with debate that change can come.


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