Private Vs Public Schools

This is something that I care deeply about as I have been wronged by public schools to the point where I will not be placing my kids in a public school. I don’t have kids yet but I want kids in the future and I feel I have to write this post because I was watching the Foster’s season 4 final EP and they had the students of the school on the show protesting because a parent had petitioned to turn the school from a public Charter to a Private Charter School and the students were chanting outside the school that “Education is a right not just for the rich and white” which is inventive but it makes it look like that all private schools cater to rich people which isn’t the case as there are a lot of low and middle income parents who would rather their child go to a private school over a public one. The question is what about cost as the consensus was that the school would be $30,000 a year per student but that would generate that much profit for the school or would be very beneficial for them in the long run as they have 100’s of students going there now so the first thing that the school would have to do is come up with a way for their current students to finish the school year without have to transfer 100’s of them to public schools in the area which is something I don’t think the writers of the show thought much about or they did and high school students being young don’t seem to think that far ahead and because now whoever is in charge of the school needs set a tuition that the parents of the current students can afford to keep their children enrolled at the school because having a private school education is no different than having a public school education but if the writers have some bullshit planned that is some “Us vs Them” storyline  then I will be highly disappointed in them there needs to be a character on the show who is a Libertarian or is “Liberty Minded” and doesn’t mind private schools.


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