Political Problems in the US

With the 2016 Presidential Election over and Donald J Trump as the new US President we have a chance to look at his rise to the highest office in the US and one of the main reasons I think he won is because people were getting sick of the “Regressive Left” always trying to make things politically correct or diversifying TV and Movies in the interest of “promoting diversity”. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for diversifying TV and Movies but there is no reason to always add diversity to TV and Movies just because a show doesn’t have a person of a certain race, religion, or ethnicity doesn’t mean it can’t have a really good story and while we’re on the topic of TV and Movies the question then becomes why are we making shows that are not political into political platforms instead of just making good shows that entertain people. Back to the topic of political correctness being on the decline and it is because Leftists say they’re fighting against “fascism” but I don’t think they realize that by them wanting to ban certain types of speech that makes them the fascists because the 1st Amendment covers all speech including speech that is offensive, hateful, or discriminatory as long as a person isn’t inciting violence then they have a right to say whatever they want to say no matter what it is. I will tell you that I will defend someone when they say something even if I don’t agree with what they’re saying because supporting free speech means defending it even when it’s hard furthermore just because you’re defending someone who said something you don’t agree with doesn’t mean you share their views on an issue or whatever they were talking about. The left is quick to get outraged over every little thing but when something happens that should make people outraged they do nothing and say nothing.

When it comes to President Trump you don’t have to like him but he is your President and everyone should hold him accountable for his actions as well as praise him when he does something that is beneficial to the country and the people but we should also remind him that certain actions won’t be tolerated or accepted because the US Government is a “Government of the People by the People and For the People” so we hold all the power not the elected officials in Congress or the Executive Mansion. The best thing we can do for Trump is give him four years to prove himself and if he doesn’t then we can vote him out and vote someone else in which is how the government of the US works it doesn’t work by staging violence protest or by punching Nazis or attacking anyone who doesn’t share your views. If liberals were interested in making this country better then they would talk with people they don’t agree with and hear their views and solutions and then come up with a compromise that works in the best interests of all parties not just for a certain group people.

Many liberals think that they’re helping low income individuals and minorities by offering them move social safety nets but in reality they’re just hindering their upward mobility and drive to better themselves now I know that isn’t true for everyone who is receiving government assistance but that’s how people see it and there are people on the assistance programs who do abuse them and while they may be a minority it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen at all. As a card carrying member of the Libertarian Party I believe that while we should be help those who are less fortunate or have fallen on hard times we should be doing so in a way that it teaches them to be self-sufficient and able to make their own money and then in turn they can help some else do the same.

The Democratic Party’s idea of fixing something is to throw money at it hoping it will fix the problem and it does but it’s only a temporary fix and never lasts on the other hand you have the Republican Party who think ignoring a problem or de-funding it is the answer but that doesn’t work either. As a Libertarian I think we should take a look at programs and services that the government offers and figure out which ones could be handed over to the private sector and which ones only the government can prop up.

We need to push for a system of government that is there but mostly allows people to live their own lives without interference unless they’ve harmed someone else.


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