My Thoughts on Morality, Identity, Community, and Acceptance of oneself or others

The main problem I have with the extreme Left and extreme Right is that both sides are trying to legislate morality which isn’t a good thing because both will lead to fascism. If the left had their way then we’d have to watch what we’re saying and censor ourselves and if the right had their way we could be jailed for saying the wrong thing both options are ones that I don’t want to experience in my lifetime and as a Libertarian I want to see a government that is smaller than it is now only getting involved when a dispute can’t be solved between two or more parties because in my view the federal government has really only one legit function which is national defense not offense. The left and right are two sides of the same coin and not many of them want to reach out and work with the other side to come to a compromise that best benefits everyone not just certain groups which includes race. Morality is something that is taught at home by a child’s parents along with respect for others and the differences we have which make us one of the greatest countries in the world because no other country is more diverse than the US is and until we embrace that diversity and except that everyone is and individual then we can truly “Make America Great Again” because it is our differences that make us great. If the US continues to try and legislate morality then we lost that greatness. We need to allow be people to be individuals and that it’s okay to be different and have their own identity and not feel like they have to belong to a “community” in order to accept themselves or be accepted. Morality and respect start at home and acceptance starts with yourself because as long as you know who you are then no one can tell you otherwise.


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