Accepting Myself

I tell a lot of people that they have to accept themselves but when I truly think about it I realize that I don’t fully accept myself for who I am and that needs to change if I’m going to build “Gender Normal” as a brand of it’s own to help other LGBTQIA+ people. So I just need to say this no matter what it cost me even if that means I lose friends because of what I’m going to say. Now I have always accepted myself as Bisexual/Pansexual because attraction is tricky to say the least but there is no conflict there where there is conflict is with my gender identity because as I grew up I’ve always felt that something wasn’t right with my body the same question always crossed my mind which was “Why wasn’t I born a girl” and even now it still bugs me. I thought that I dealt with it but that hasn’t been the case lately as that question came rearing it’s ugly head back in my life again. It’s not only creating a crisis with my gender but also with my faith as well and with not many people who think like me that I know it is something I have to deal with myself. I posted before about being transgender and not wanting to change my physical gender to match my internal gender and by that I mean how I see myself in my head as biologically I will always be male and not female but physiologically I’m female as I know what’s going on in my head so I may need to transition at some point but what gets me is that I want biological kids of my own one day and hormones would ruin that for me which is why I’m against transitioning for me so in my head there is a “Mexican Stand-off” going on about three ideas that each are very important to me and I really don’t know what to do about it. In time I guess it will dawn on me about what I should do but until that day I will continue doing what I always do and deal with it on my own. This doesn’t make me any less Libertarian or Conservative in my political views or what I think about the Extreme Left and Right of the Political Spectrum. Which needs to be somewhere in the middle in my opinion.


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