Birthday and Blog Vision Update

I have written posts before talking about how I may be trans or am trans but I don’t want to transition and as of late with my 30th birthday approaching I’ve been thinking a lot about my gender identity a lot and I honestly don’t know anymore about how I identify. I know that I’m bisexual but as far as how I feel about my body I like some aspects of it but then I really hate other aspects that I won’t go into details about here. I want to talk about my upcoming birthday and that I don’t have anything planned for it which sucks because I do want to do something for my birthday but I don’t  know what to do or where to go for it mostly because I don’t have much money with going to school and all. Every year my birthday comes around I don’t do anything for it and it sucks this year I want to do something special for it even though I don’t have any money to do anything. I know birthdays are just another day but I’ve never really done anything on my birthday.

I also would like to add that I do plan on changing the format of this blog from mostly writing to video posts which I may mirror on my YouTube Channel which is under the same name as this blog or I may post them on my Vimeo which is under the name Devil Diamond Entertain but I’ll be doing that as soon as I get a better camera as the integrated webcam on my laptop is good but I want it to be better and I also have a Livestream which is under the name Gender Normal Live but you have to sign into Livestream if I were to “Go Live” on the website until I upgrade my Livestream account so I can embed it on here which would make things a lot easier so there aren’t so many separate sites to go to just to see my opinion on LGBTQ+ & Political issues also I have a patreon link below to donate as I will be doing exclusive posts there that are on more sensitive topics that I think would be better on that platform as apposed to here where anyone but I do want to make as many posts available to as many people as possible but I also believe that some content may not be suitable for younger viewers/readers so I’ll be offering it as paid content on Patreon and any donations received on patreon will go towards making the blog better as well as paying to organize events for the LGBTQ+ Community and I would donate to St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital which is a cause I support.

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Also I will be researching and talking about men’s health issues which apply to Trans-women too as they were born male and men’s health issues effect them too which is something that no one wants to talk about and if they are I would like to talk with or even give them a platform to speak from so they can get their message out there because Men’s Rights are Human Rights and the same goes for Women’s Rights because at the end of the day we’re all human. There will be more issues and causes added to the list if I find them worth supporting or talking about. Veteran’s issues will also be discussed on this blog as well as all veteran’s of the US Armed Services deserve our respect and gratitude for everything they’ve done.


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