This blog is about Gender, Sexuality, Life, and Politics. I will be using this as a platform to voice my opinion on anything gender or sexuality related. This blog will be a window into my world I will post photos and questions to readers or anyone who stumbles across this blog on a search engine. I will offer help to problems when I can and to the best of my ability and if I can’t answer a question I will direct you to someone who can.

About me:

My name is John Andrade and I am starting out in politics so the LGBTQ community can have a real voice in the government of the United States one who knows where they’re coming from with issues such as bullying. I can see issues from both sides and I can make decisions objectively and that are good for all parties involved.

Becoming a Contributor:

If you want to become a contributor to the blog please contact me at John.andrade1987@gmail.com use the subject line “Gender Normal Contributor” without the quotes or your email will be deleted without being read. Also give a detailed reason(s) why you would want to be a contributor for the blog.

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